Reason why

Our adventure in the sky takes place over the Australian Outback. Although this region is very dry, nobody has to die of thirst here.
We want to help others in desperate need of water and pretty much everything else. That's why we support World Vision as our charity partner.


Sustainability and green energy are the core missions of our exploration in the sky.

If mankind could solve the planets energy problems, we would be able to reverse some climate change effects in the future. Until then we have to support those in need. This is our obligation at the World Vision drought projects in Africa.


If you like our adventure and its higher cause please support our charity partner World Vision. We will show you exactly where your money goes: into water related projects in Africa.
Join us now. Thank you very much for your support.

Flying High - for Higher Impact: Our Air Exploration is Highlighting World Vision's Drought Projects in Africa

We need your support to help children in need

The background of our mission - sustainability
Since our exploration is based on a green energy storyline, we also want to add a higher sense to it. With World Vision we found a Charity Partner that shares the same goals and values as we do.
Their drought projects in Africa are directly linked to global warming and climate change effects. These are the core missions of our exploration in the sky. If we could find energy solutions in the higher atmosphere to solve our energy needs on the ground we could overcome the CO2 problems and effects on our climate. And this is exactly what we are looking for in the sky at our mission.

What is the goal of this campaign? 

With our exploration in the sky we want to raise awareness for green energy solutions and climate protection and therefore for children in desperate need of fresh drinking water due to radical climate change. Please support our cgarity partner World Vision. Thank you very much!


Letter of World Vision Switzerland

letter in english
letter in english
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letter in german