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A superhero - with vertigo...

I have always wanted to fly.

At 18 I started gliding, followed shortly thereafter by skydiving. Then along came powered flight and aerobatic flying. The main thing: flying.


With Speed Tracking, I can fill my heart’s ardent desire, truly flying forward, gliding through the air, just like in a dream. Fast and yet safely carried by the surrounding air. I fly over the earth, sail with nothing but my own body over the landscape as if man really were born to fly. Then, after a crazy ride, I open the parachute at a safe altitude which carefully brings me back down to earth. What an adventure!

In 2012 I set the World Record in Speed Tracking

First man to jump the Jet Stream in 2018

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My heartfelt project - please support our mission and our charity project with World Vision Switzerland

World Record 2012 Marc Hauser Empuriabrava, Spain

TEDx Speaker Courage | Motivation and Skydiving World Record

Marc Hauser Adventurer + Keynote Speaker