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Twofold focus on speed at Formex New: Speed Tracking collection AS1100

Formex Watch SA, the Lengnau-based inventor of the patented active case suspension system, puts a double focus on speed. The company created a watch in collaboration with the fastest human being in the "speed tracking" discipline, an accelerated variant of skydiving. For many years, with its 4speed logo element, Formex has expressed its affinity with speed.

Formex Watch SA and speed tracking record holder Marc Hauser are a perfect match in every respect. Both are inspired by speed and known for repeatedly testing the limits. In speed tracking, the athlete jumps out of an aircraft and attempts to attain the highest possible forward ground speed without any means of propulsion or equipment like a wingsuit.

Watches embody the same attributes. Especially at Formex SA, because all three properties come together there: precision, speed in the logo, and the development of the innovative suspension system. What I share with Formex Watch SA is the enthusiasm for bold

It is thus not surprising that the watchmaking company in Lengnau joined forces with Marc Hauser to create a timepiece that leaves nothing to be desired for the ambitious speed tracker. Marc Hauser is thrilled: "Speed tracking is a discipline that invariably involves precision, speed, and innovation. accomplishments and the determination to always give my best. It was a very interesting experience for me to contribute to the development of my own watch and to discover the technology integrated in a Formex timepiece."

The watches in the Speed Tracking collection AS1100 embody all of the characteristics of a typical Formex. With a diameter of 46.5 mm, they rank among the larger calibers. The message of the prominent stainless steel case, polished or PVD-coated in black, is clear: ruggedness. The dials are well organized, superbly legible, and color-coordinated with the cases. Speed Tracking models are available with chronograph self-winding mechanical ETA movements or, at lower cost, with Ronda chronograph quartz movements.

Formex Watch SA, Gummenweg 11B, CH-2543 Lengnau



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World record: 304 km/h

Limited Edition: 304 watches

Price: USD 2170 (CHF 2'299.-)

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AS 1100 Limited Edition World Record
AS 1100 Limited Edition World Record

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Suspension for optimal shock absorbing (Patented)

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