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World Record 5/10/2012: 188.9 mph (304 km/h) in Empuriabrava

Press Release World Record 188.9 mph
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Pictures from 5/10/12

Original GPS datas from the record flight on 5/10/2012

World Record Speed Tracking: 188.9 mph (304 km/h)
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Press Release



Empuriabrava, Spain: 5/10/2012



Speed record in skydiving

The Swiss Marc Hauser posted a record in horizontal free fall.

He accelerated his own body in the air to a forward speed of 304 km / h [188.9 mph]


The Bernese skydiver Marc Hauser (40) jumped from an altitude of 4,000 m [13,120 feet] above sea level from a plane. He flew forward in an oblique descent by adopting a stretched body position and without additional gear. He reached a top speed of 304 km / h [188.9 mph] above the ground with his body alone in mid-air. To date, he is the fastest man in forward flight without additional gear. This record sets a first milestone in the still fledgling sport of speed tracking.


Speed Tracking

Speed Tracking is a new skydiving discipline, somewhat reminiscent of Superman's flying skills. The aim is achieving the greatest possible forward speed in free fall relative to the ground. The skydiver's motto is "free flight instead of free fall". The normal vertical speed of a skydiver is about 180 km/h [112 mph]. In Speed Tracking, however, skydivers accelerate their horizontal flight.

Speed measurement is performed via GPS and subsequent ground data analysis. Before landing, forward flight is slowed down and the parachute deploys at a regular skydiving altitudes, i.e. about 800m [2,625 feet].

Marc Hauser is the initiator of this high-speed flight variation, which he himself has named "Speed Tracking".


March Hauser's record statement

"The feeling of flying with speed tracking comes very close to the original flying desire: flying with your own body, without additional help. Entire towns can be overflown at incredible speed; free fall becomes almost free flight for several kilometers and longer distances. At these high speeds, the idea of turning suffices to fly this at the end of the speed track; a stunningly impressive experience"!

Licenses: Skydiving, powered flight, gliding, acrobatic flying

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For more information

Marc Hauser

Mobile: +41 79 213 71 62



Marc Hauser, Speed Tracking Foto: Babylon
Marc Hauser, Speed Tracking Foto: Babylon
Marc Hauser, Speed Tracking Foto: Babylon
Marc Hauser, Speed Tracking Foto: Babylon

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