Created for records


Quotation from

Tom Naef, Team Babylon-Freefly, Skydive Empuriabrava, Spain:


“Marc Hauser is born for speed tracking. With his size and his weight and the help of gravitational power, he could set some spectacular speed records which will hold for a long time. Marc only uses his body as an aircraft for use and implements the available potential energy into forward speed. In order to achieve maximum performance, he has to keep enormous body tension and resist tremendous forces. In doing so, he builds up to a vertical freefall speed of up to 400km/h in order to achieve the forward thrust. Marc’s robust build makes him seem made for this task.


He has been trained especially for this jump by Team Babylon-Freefly. This team is the world leader in “human body flight”. The instructors have won a total of 7 gold medals in world championships in the freefly discipline and have made a total of over 90,000 jumps. Their vast experience makes them the ideal partners to help an extreme athlete prepare for his goal to set a record in speed tracking. With the same body mass, we would even perhaps take a chance on this record. A specially-developed suit made for this speed flight will support Marc in using his body perfectly and release maximum power.


Rolf Kuratle will document in photos and record in professional video quality the training in Spain, the record attempt itself and myself in freefall.”

Babylon in action