Spain, 10.05.2012: World record in Skydiving, Speed Tracking

How fast can man fly forward?

Without propulsion, without aircraft, with one’s own body.

In freefall.


“Speed Tracking“

The breathtakingly rapid variation of skydiving.





Speed Tracking is fast forward flight in freefall.

It is a new discipline in freefly skydiving.


Until now, recording and verification of achieved horizontal velocities have been inaccurate. With small GPS data-loggers, speeds reached in flight can now be recorded over the ground.



With outstretched arms and legs, and a diagonally downward-sloped body, the skydiver tries to reach the highest possible speed over the ground. He turns his own body into the aircraft. Unlike wingsuit flying, additional wings are not used. The exact speed values are recorded directly with GPS in flight and then evaluated on the ground. So far, speeds of up to 160 km / h have been reached.

Tracking in the dictionary:

"An efficient track can reach horizontal speeds of nearly 100 mph." (161 km/h)

According to a Wikipedia article speeds of approx. 160 km/h can be achieved in tracking ... ;-)