New World Record attempt in the USA: One of the last remaining big adventures in the sky

Marc Hauser, (*1971)

Always be yourself!
Unless you can be a superhero

- then always be a superhero.

Exploring the limits. Flying faster than ever before! Extreme skydiving at its best. Coming soon in 2017...

The Air Adventure

Marc Hauser is the current World Record holder in Speed Tracking, 189 miles per hour (304 km/h)

The Record was set in October 2012.
Marc is now planning his next adventure: to set a new World Record that has never been seen before.


The Target: Faster Higher Stronger

Exploring the limits of what is humanly possible.

Marc Hauser's discipline "Speed Tracking" is flying in a suit with no wings at all.

In 2017 we will push the envelope.

Special Equipment

balloon speed tracking world record stefan zeberli.
© Stefan Zeberli, Balloon Pilot Speed Tracking World Record Attempt 2017; at World Air Games Dubai 2015

1 Hot Air Balloon, a real BIG one

Our balloon will be slightly larger than the hot air balloons seen here.  
Three times larger to be precise.

Thermal Protection Suits

David Jourdan/Paragon Space Dev Corp.
© David Jourdan/Paragon Space Dev Corp.

"What's the thermal issue if it's in New Mexico?" you may ask. That's a good question, but because we will climb to very high altitudes we will need something more than warm pullovers and tights.

We may not need astronaut suits - but it will come pretty close.

Supplementary Oxygen

© Oliver Furrer, Project Speed Tracking
© Oliver Furrer, Project Speed Tracking

Skydivers exit their planes at around 12500 feet (3180m) over the airport.

We will climb up quite a bit higher with our hot air balloon.

That's why we have to breathe pure oxygen, even some hours before take off. Our speacialists call it nitrogen removal. - We call it pure adventure!

Search and Rescue

New Mexico is wide and dry. That's why we will need a special equipped Rescue team at our side.

Without it, we may just set a new World Record in walking distance back to the airport...

Team Members

Planned Partnership for Technology + Logistics

Paragon Space Development Corporation

We are planning to work with a great partner on-site: The US based company Paragon®.
The Paragon StratEx team sent Alan Eustace up to the stratosphere in 2014.
Have a look at Project StratEX

And enjoy the great speech of Alan Eustace at TED

Breaking World Records with Paragon
Breaking World Records with Paragon®

One big surprise

Click and stay tuned with the Speed-Tracking Newsletter. Welcome on board.
Click and stay tuned with the Speed-Tracking Newsletter. Welcome on board.

"Jumping out of a balloon? - a piece of cake!"
You are absolutely right. There must be something more to this adventure.

The point of our story is based on a first timer.
This will be something that has never been done before in the history of aviation and skydiving.

Does this sound a bit strange to you?

Believe us, that's exactly how it sounds to us too. Plus it also sounds a bit scary, to be honest.
And we already know the surprising facts...

Want to stay tuned?

Location and Time

This World Record attempt will take place in Roswell, New Mexico, in 2017.

Media Partnership

The air adventure will be broadcasted by Global News and Media Companies.

Stay Tuned

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