Marc Hauser, (*1971)

"Our dreams do not
need wings. All they need is willpower."
Marc Hauser




The Adventure in a Nutshell

  • Goal: First human flight (skydive) inside the jet stream.
  • Raise awareness about the untapped clean energy potential of the jet stream.
  • Skydiving suit: No wingsuit, just a normal skydiving suit.
  • Skydiver: World record Holder Marc Hauser
  • Aircraft: Hot air balloon
  • Altitude: 7,400m / 24,278ft above sea level
  • Temperature: -40° Celsius/ -40 °F
  • Wind speed inside the jet stream: 140 kph / 87 mph
  • Maximum forward ground speed in free fall: 270 kph/ 168 mph
  • Place: near Forbes, NSW Australia
  • Date: 30th June 2018


Guinness World Record

Speed Tracking


Speed Tracking is a skydiving discipline named by Marc Hauser.
That means flying forward (Tracking) as fast as possible while being in free fall without wearing a wingsuit. The skydiver is just wearing a normal skydiving suit.

Promoting Clean Energy

Bill Gates has talked about a "miracle" that could satisfy global energy consumption:
Help shape the future by supporting the adventure and the production of an awe inspiring documentary. We will promote development of wind power technology all over the world.

CNN Money Switzerland Interview

The Energy Background of the Jet Stream

High-altitude wind power could be the answer to our energy problems.
Just a small part of the jet stream power could make the job.
There are innovative companies like TWINGTEC  and Skypull involved in this new business field.
They do not reach jet stream altitude yet. But it's a first step towards a brighter future.

For our documentary we also visited the Weathermuseum near Berlin, Germany. They still hold the high altitude world record for kites at jet stream levels of 31.955ft | 9740m.

The record was set in 1919. Imagine: This world record kite reached jet stream altitude!
In 2016 Bill Gates mentioned the jet stream as one of the "energy miracles" of the future.

Charity Partner

Charity Exploration: take off with us

The Air Adventure Exploration

Marc Hauser is the current World Record holder in Speed Tracking, 189 miles per hour (304 km/h)

The Record was set in October 2012.

The Target: Exploring the Limits in the Sky

Exploring the limits of what is humanly possible.

Marc Hauser's discipline "Speed Tracking" is flying in a suit with no wings at all.

Award winning documentary filmmaker

Claudio von Planta is our Swiss cameraman, director and filmmaker.
His best known work is as the cameraman who accompanied Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on their Long Way Round motorcycle journey eastward from London to New York in 2004 and Long Way Down from Scotland to South Africa in 2007.

Ewan McGregor | Claudio von Planta | Charley Boorman
Ewan McGregor | Claudio von Planta | Charley Boorman
Pressure chamber test at Swiss Army: Claudio von Planta, Stefan Zeberli, Marc Hauser
Pressure chamber test at Swiss Army: Claudio von Planta, Stefan Zeberli, Marc Hauser

Flying in Formation

In Australia we were supported by Steve Gale in his military training jet.
Steve Gale was our pilot and chief officer in the sky. Have a look at his jets in action:

Partnership with Swiss STEM Foundation explore-it

Marc Hauser is a team member of the Swiss based STEM Foundation explore-it.
Technology at school

The explore-it materials and tasks enable young people to be technically innovative at school.

Find out for yourself: explore-it: ... explore, ... invent, ...and more

Have a look at some pictures of the promotion tour in the USA in 2015:
New York City | Washington | Maryland | San Francisco | Silicon Valley

"In 2019 I will be back in US schools - with an amazing story from the sky..."
Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser's favorite STEM Kit: "The dream of flying"

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